Sexuality Rights and Reproductive Health Education for Young People in Post Conflict Area


PWAG Indonesia started the project of ending Violence Against Women in 2008, with several programs involving our PeaceWomen and organization network of the women’s movement. Last year and in the next two years, we will focus on education for young people, especially related to sexuality rights and reproductive health as a means to combat Violence Against Women.

Last year, we conducted a workshop and training for teacher and young high school students in Atambua, West Timor, East Nusa Tenggara. The training was a success and we received good feedback from the school and local government. We also have been invited by the local government in Timor Island to conduct another training in the coming year.


Since January we are researching among teachers and students about their needs regarding the trainings. As an initial finding we conclude that the need to have regular training on this issue with teachers and high school students is significant. Most of the teachers in Jakarta have not been trained or have never attended any reproductive health and sexuality workshop themselves. They have some knowledge on issues related to biology or anatomy of women and men. But, they have never had comprehensive sexual relation education, related to relationship, women rights, sexuality rights, health, etc.

The students are eager on receiving more information about date violence, menstruation problems and would appreciate having a counseling center to help them get a better understanding on reproductive health issues and unprotected sexual behavior.

PWAG Indonesia will come up with a final report about the situation by the end of 2014. Following Atambua last year, this year, we will have research and training in Ambon (Mollucan Islands – Eastern Indonesia). By this we contribute to spread a bit of knowledge among the young people of Indonesia and later also spread the education methods and work with more organizations to replicate the same programs in other cities/islands.

Apart from our research and training on reproductive health and sexuality rights, we will be involved in a lot of activities related to the preparation and campaign of the General Elections in April and facing the new parliament and government.

Author: Olin Monteiro, National Coordinator PWAG Indonesia And Director of ArtforWomenIndonesia

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