One Billion Rising for Justice in Bern


Today, for the second time ever, the campaign ONE BILLION RISING took place, calling for the people to take a stand and dance for one billion women who suffer from violence worldwide. This year, the campaign calls for justice and against the impunity of perpetrators of crimes of violence. PeaceWomen Across the Globe operated together with the cfd as the national coordinator of all the ONE BILLION RISING events in Switzerland. One of these events was a dance flash mob in Bern at 12:00 am on the Casinoplatz, organized by the American Women’s Club Bern. The employees of the International Secretariat of PWAG participated full heartedly to take a stand against violence against women and girls and protest the impunity of perpetrators.

Despite the cold weather, about 40 women and men joined together to DANCE, RELEASE and RISE for JUSTICE! Many of the participants were wearing the ONE BILLION RISING colors pink and red, and with banners and posters we proclaimed our stance on violence against women and justice for victims and survivors. As the clock stroke 12, the dance flash mob started. To the music of the official ONE BILLION RISING video Break the Chain the participants danced an energetic, joyful and beautiful choreography that transmitted the meaning of ONE BILLION RISING to everyone watching. It was an exciting and successful event and we thank everyone for participating and putting their energy and time into something so important. We wish good luck and strength to every other organization, group or person who organizes another event on this very day to raise awareness for justice and against violence against women all over the globe!

Find the pictures of our event on

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